The Shy Love death threats get far more serious

Recently I reported about the death threats against Shy Love. Certain other industry blogs laughed it off. However today we learned it got much more serious. John Forbush from Metro Talent Management has just lost his shit. He’s hated on Shy Love and for months he’s been telling anyone who will listen how much he hates her and hope she dies. He’s not very smart about it either. He not only tells people this over the phone but also texts it to people and sends similar messages to some people via twitter direct messages. Does he not realize people can save these things and use them against him?

Anywho … In comes a man by the name of David Ngyuen, owner of a little known website, This guy is also rumored to own a rival escort agency – a rival to TLC that is. This man has also gone by names like …

  • Bruce Lee
  • David Lee
  • Dave Lee
  • Khoi

He has a bunch of other aliases but whatever. This is porn. Who doesn’t have an alias or two or three or 17, right?

The point is, those two (John from Metro and this David guy from bouncy peaches) have been going after Shy Love hardcore. They have not only tried to extort money from her, after a failed attempt at hacking her computer but also both John and David have continued to make death threats against her and her family. The death threats have gotten so serious that she filed a police report today.

Today I filed police report for extortion and death threats against David Ngyuen aka Bruce Lee & John Forebush

— Shy Love | Sheelagh (@shylove) January 11, 2016

As far as the hacking goes, John from Metro Talent sent Shy Love a PDF file which contained a virus. When opened the virus would give the hackers access to her computer. When this David Ngyuen (aka Bruce Lee aka David Lee – not to be confused with Dave from The Luxury Companion) called to brag they had access to her computer because of the virus they sent her, Shy was smart enough to record the call and turn it all over to the police.

But not before they warned her “Don’t go to the police it’s going to hurt you and your family“.

And not before the dumb asses purchased and created a fake website, which looks like Shy is begging for money. Again I want to point out, this website is a Fake. Shy Love herself has nothing whatsoever to do with it. This is John and David. They claim Shy needs money and is asking for donations (which she is not) and they claim she can help you become a hooker as well. The site also says stuff like “put her away – society deserves better”.


fake shy love website 2

fake shy love website

fake shy love website 3

Now back to our little hacker buddies. You may recall these are the two who have previously tried to extort Dave from The Luxury Companion when they hacked his website. The rumor is, the hacking of the TLC servers revealed some very interesting client related details but that has  yet to be confirmed.


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