Rihanna Is Naked at the CFDA Awards (Video)

American singer Rihanna (RiRi) is at it again, Wearing a sexy designer evening gown and showing the world her great assets. Her great breast-sets as well. Not much separating Rihanna from the paparazzi flash and her birthday suit except for a few crystals. Well, maybe a few thousand crystals.

rihanna at the cfdawards2

Well, not exactly. But the only thing separating RiRi from her custom fishnet dress is a truckload of Swarovski crystals. Fashion icon (and daredevil), indeed.

“Holy crap” seems to be the general consensus in the Pret-a-Reporter newsroom regarding Rihanna’s CFDA outfit, a custom, sheer Adam Selman number made from 216,000 Swarovski crystals, that — in true Rihanna fashion — leaves little to the imagination.

The performer is set to receive a fashion icon award at what is widely considered the “Oscars of fashion,” taking place Monday night at New York’s Lincoln Center.


Selman has been designing costumes for Rihanna since 2011 and debuted his own line at New York Fashion Week in September 2013. His glittering, handmade CFDA creation includes gloves and a head scarf that channel famed jazz-age dancer Josephine Baker, who coincidentally would be celebrating her 108th birthday Monday.


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