Myths and Lies About Erection

How many men are desperate for a genie?

“Let me have a stable “iron” erection at any time I wish.” “I am ready to sacrifice a full set of feelings: desire, sensuality, tenderness, empathy.”

But it is a profound mistake that the main evidence of male sexuality is constant readiness for erection. It’s one of these crazy erection myths that is being spread out there. Let’s see what a real erection is and how to support it, and let’s leave all these annoying erection myths behind us. A woman can deceive, pretending to be passionate and ready for sex, while a man, alas, can’t do the same. A man can have a sexual act only due to his erection. An erection is a fairly simple reaction in the distribution of the flow and outflow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis. The vegetative nervous system which reflexively controls the functions of the body gives a signal to the rush of blood. Although the mechanism is simple, many different systems are involved: the psyche, the nervous system, as well as the vascular and endocrine systems. And any failure can deprive a man of erection for a while, for a long time, or forever.

The main feature of erection is that this function is automatic and does not depend on the will and desire of a man. Attempts to consciously strengthen an erection (force of will, the tension of the muscles of the buttocks) leads to the opposite result, as it is just one of the common erection myths. Therefore, in sex, any effort, feeling of insecurity, fear of fiasco – all this prevents a man from being engaged in a sexual act properly. I suppose that more often, and more incomprehensibly for a man himself, the causes of erection problems are purely psychological, not physical. Indeed, observations and studies by sexologists show that, in more than 70% of cases, such failure is associated with neurotic or mental disorders. A man is a man, and he has the right to fail. The weakening or absence of an erection can reach every man at a certain moment, and it is not necessary to make a tragedy out of it. It is important to understand that this is an episode in your life, not to declare yourself to be impotent, and not to stoop to the role of a loser in sex. Yet maybe the problem is in self-esteem. Maybe you aren’t confident in yourself. Most often, such feelings arise because of the lack of practice. Be sure to check out the following article to find out a thing or two about the art of turning girls on.

There is something else that men want to draw attention to, and women should know. During foreplay which lasts 15-20 minutes, an erection must necessarily subside and reappear – this is a physiological process.

The main condition for potency is immersion in pleasure. An erection is a natural consequence of sexual arousal. An erection center is located in the spinal cord at the lumbar level. And in certain situations, the necessary nerves transmit signals to the right vessels, and the blood flow above the outflow begins to prevail.

Here are some other recommendations for the preservation of potency:

1. The regularity of sex life supports and trains the potency of an adult man. Even simple masturbation, according to the scheme, can help: cause an erection, let it fade, then cause again. This is how the state of the vessels and their filling are trained.

2. Anxiety in relation to their sexual capabilities is inherent in many perfectly healthy men. Not feeling an instant erection, many are retreating; they are afraid of failure in front of a woman; therefore, the participation and benevolence of a woman are simply necessary.

3. Connect fantasies and role-playing games to your sexual pleasures.

4. To preserve the potency of a man, nutrition and physical activity should be maintained at a proper level. All this contributes to physical health, and it improves sexual function as a result. All that is bad for the body is bad for sex too.

5. It has been irrefutably proven, that smoking and alcohol abuse damage the male ability to have an erection; it messes with the whole system, really.


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