Let’s Talk about Ethics and the Adult Industry

In an effort to engage the ever-widening conversation, Ethical.Porn explores multifaceted aspects of “ethical porn.” Guided by the ethos “Transcend Genre. Emphasize Consent. Start A Conversation,” Ethical.Porn explores adult content as a complex entity that’s synergistically interconnected to wider society.

“There’s starting to be more and more discussion of the idea of ‘ethical porn,’” explained Ethical.Porn’s founders and curators in a joint statement. “In an effort to avoid divisive categorizing or misattributions based on personal preference or ideas about how sex is ‘supposed to’ look, we gathered statements and insights from a wide variety of industry insiders — all weighing in on what they feel is relevant regarding ‘ethical porn.’”

Among the many contributors to Ethical.Porn’s initial launch are Angela White, Kristel Penn, Jacky St. James, Andre Shakti, Angie Rowntree, Shine Louise Houston and Jiz Lee, Ms. Naughty, Tanya Tate, Casey Calvert, and Dee Severe.

At its most essential, content that is consensual and transparent, is created in an environment that emphasizes safety and respect, and does not contribute to wider social inequalities via troublesome post-production marketing is ethical. Elements like tenor and intensity, sex acts being depicted, or production value do not preclude content from being ethical. Beyond these key dimensions however are a wealth of subjective issues, standpoints, and concerns that require multidimensional, evolving dialogue. Ethical.Porn is committed to exploring these issues with this groundwork in mind.

“This is a conversation that impacts the adult industry on multiple levels,” said Sssh.com’s Angie Rowntree, who spearheaded the project and serves as one of the site’s curators. “As a director and feminist pornographer for over 20 years, I feel that it’s important for people directly involved in creating content to speak to the variety of concepts that make up ‘ethical porn.’”

This conversation is ongoing, and Ethical.Porn welcomes further contributions and insights from people actively involved in producing, creating, and shaping adult content. If you would like to contribute your insights, please contact EthicalPorn@yahoo.com or reach out via Twitter to @ethicaldotporn.

“I encourage anyone interested in more information about Ethical.Porn or wanting to share their perspective to reach out to me or to any of the contributors who’ve shared their insights so far,” Rowntree added.

Ethical.Porn Mission Statement
At Ethical.Porn, we seek to provide a platform for complex, critical, ongoing discussion of “ethical” as it pertains to adult content production. The very concept of “ethical porn” is multifaceted and fluid. It is not easily defined. As such, we have gathered insights and statements from people throughout the adult industry. It is our hope that this diverse array of standpoints highlighting various issues relevant to the discussion of ethical porn will start a conversation about erotica today — one that transcends notions of “correct” sexual expression or genre and emphasizes multifaceted standpoints, as well as consent.

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