Gia Paige — He said / she said and everything in between!

Over the last 19 years I’ve worked with many people in the adult industry – some of them I loved, some of them I loathed. I mean it’s not like you can always work with people you love. That’s just life.

However what I don’t like is to hear bad things about a client I have worked with in the past. I mean if you were to come up to me and tell me you heard Nick Pinkowski from Bluebird Films robbed a bank I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s a douche bag. We all know it. But to hear some of the things I’ve been hearing recently about Plush Talent honestly have surprised me. In my experience, he was a nice guy.

I mean I’ve been wrong before but in my personal experience with the guy, I’ve surprised at some of the things I read on the TRPWL website. So I decided to break them down and specifically address each issue.

Let’s start with the obvious …. recently Plush Talent sued Hussie Models and won a $50,000 judgement against them, so to hear Gia Paige, who is dating the owner of Hussie models is attacking Plush Talent, well it’s sort of a LOL kind of thing.

Obviously she has a very vested interest to hate Plush Talent, they sued the fuck out of her boyfriend and won. That has to suck for Hussie Models and since the owner of Hussie Models is her boyfriend, well you can imagine why Gia Paige is attacking Plush Talent.

But let’s break this down lie by lie and look at everything Gia Paige has said.

First Gia Paige claims that Plush Talent is not a licensed agency with the state of California. Now I personally have seem the paperwork including a copy of the bond and I have spoken with a rep from the state of California licensing division (a nice lady named Janine) and she personally confirmed they are in fact licensed with the state.


Their California license number is TA-213308. As to why they don’t appear on the website, I don’t know. All I can say is that I personally spoke with someone from the California Department of Industrial Relations and they confirmed Plush Talent LLC is in fact a legally licensed agency.

Next I want to address the tweet that Gia Paige made regarding a threat she said Scottie made. She said that when she said she was going to leave Plush Talent, he was going to “ruin my career … look at me now!”.


As she requested I looked at her now. Prior to her attacking Plush Talent I had never in fact heard of this Gia Paige.

I pulled up her profile page at IAFD and found she has basically done a handful of scenes for Brazzers and mofos. Okay. She’s done less than like 10 movies.

So what exactly am I looking at? What am I supposed to be seeing? Is she trying to claim somehow that she’s this major famous chick or something? I don’t get it.

If you are going to brag and tell someone to LOOK AT ME NOW, well … I’m just going to leave this one alone. It’s far to easy.

Now from here, I actually had to do some phone calling. Next she claims that Scottie actually stole money from her, money she left him to fix her car.


This is one of those he said / she said situations. She claims one thing – but he has a much more interesting version of the story and he actually has saved text messages and emails from her that back it up.

So let’s begin ….

The Gia Paige story begins when she wanted to get into porn. She came out to New York. She enjoyed herself so much that she decided to return to New York.

This time she drove her car to NYC from Ohio and even brought her under-age 17 year old sister with her. Yes you read that right – she brought her underage sister with her to do porn.

On the way from Ohio her car broke down in New Jersey.

Scottie searched and found a tow truck in the area.  When the tow truck arrived she didn’t have cash on her so Scottie wound up paying $240 for the tow.

They dropped her car off at the only available spot, which turned out to be near a fire hydrant and as a result her car got impounded by the NYC police department.

A week later they went to get her car out of impound. Prior to this she was debating on leaving it impounded since she felt it wasn’t worth the cost. Eventually however she decided to get her car out of impound. Scottie paid for her cab from his apartment to the impound lot. Gia Paige paid for the impound cost. Scottie then paid for another cab to take her from the impound facility to the actual impound yard.

There was a mechanic’s shop down the road, which is where her car was brought. She took all of her personal items out of the car and left her car with the mechanic.

Scottie paid for another cab to take her back from the mechanic’s to his apartment.

In all, that brings the total cost of $337 that Scottie, her agent fronted her for her broken down car.

  • $240 – Initial Tow
  • $35 – Cab to impound facility
  • $50 – Cab from impound facility to the impound lot
  • $12 – Cab from mechanic to home

When she left NYC for LA she gave Scottie $200, out of the $337 that she owed him. She later said she wanted that money to be applied towards the mechanic bill, instead of what she owed her agent for money he fronted her.

But as anyone who owes money knows, it doesn’t work like that. When you owe someone money, you owe someone money. When your agent fronts you money, you have to pay your agent back. That’s just how it fucking works.

Mike South once said ,,,, “Of all the emails i get this is one of the three most common topics….a porn chick telling me about a scumbag agent.”

He’s not wrong … out of all the emails I get, it’s one of the most common I get as well. There are just as many girls who will tell you they love their agent, that will tell you they hate their agent.

When it comes to agents, you either love them (they are the bestest ever) or you hate them (they are the biggest pieces of shit ever).

No agent is perfect but no agent is probably half as bad as the shit some girls will say about them. It’s just not possible.

Not a single agent out there is perfect. I had one girl swear up and down that Mark from ATMLA is the worst, most lazy piece of shit agent ever. “He never booked me anything.

Now I happen to know Mark from ATMLA and know that he’s not a horrible, lazy agent. I’ve worked with him many times over the past years and have had some wonderful experiences with him.

The girl signs with a new agent, he books her more work in the next 10 days than she had ever had in the past ENTIRE year. That’s pretty damn impressive, right?

Well two months later the girl leaves that agent because he’s “the biggest piece of shit ever” and goes to a new agent. Her new agent, who she is with right now mind you, hasn’t really been able to book her any work. Since November until March (this month) she’s had less than 3 total bookings.

Guess your last agent didn’t suck so bad, now did he? LOL

The point is, the grass is always greener on the other side. So while it’s true there are some really shitty agents out there, it’s not always easy to believe everything ever girl says about her agent.

It’s because of girls like Gia Paige who do talk shit and make up lies, that when a girl does have a REAL problem, we don’t always believe them and as a result some girl who genuinely is being abused or taken advantage of, gets ignored.

So yeah, that’s my problem with girls like Gia Paige.


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