Did these crazy fuckers put a hit out on Shy Love?

Sometimes the stories are so good, you can’t even believe the shit that you hear.

When Mike South first reported that Dave of the Luxury Companion was arrested for shooting at John from Metro Talent, what he didn’t say was that both Dave and John were arrested.

Actually Mike South didn’t even reveal that the person shot at was John from Metro for some reason. I have no idea why he withheld that information but whatever, you all know now who it was if you read my first and second story.

Now what I’m hearing is that both John and Dave were arrested, not just Dave. From what I am told, Dave reported that John also had a gun and so that is why he was arrested.

Now keep in mind this information is coming in from someone who told someone who told someone else – so who the fuck knows ho much of it is true. But still it’s damn juicy gossip nonetheless.

Once John was arrested they did a test of some kind and found no gun residue on his hands so he was let go – but – and here is where the story gets crazy as shit – before he was let go he sang like a bird and told the authorities that Dave of the Luxury Companion tried to hire him to put a hit on Shy Love of The VIP Connect.

Yep you just read that right …. John claims that Dave tried to put a hit on Shy Love of The VIP Connect.

Shy Love

And here you thought you knew some crazy folks. At least the people you work with aren’t trying to put a hit on you. LOL

How did Shy Love get dragged into this whole hooker fiasco? I’m not quite sure. All I can say for sure is that John from Metro Talent absolutely hates her. A few months ago he was telling people how much he hated Shy Love and he was glad she was sick and “couldn’t wait for that bitch to die”.

Several sources have come forward with this story about the hit on Shy Love so while I can’t say for sure if it’s true or not, I can say that people in the know are talking about it. The question is, what part will it play in the felony charges currently against Dave from TLC and does this have anything to do the hacking of the TLC servers?

The rumor is the hackers have collected names of not only all the hookers, which anyone can get by just visiting their website, but also specific jobs they have done, how much they were paid and the names and personal information of the men involved.

IF this rumor is true, that can be some very damaging information.

The question is, IS the rumor true or was it all just bullshit to try and extort money from the owner of TLC as well as others he supposedly gained information on from the hack? If this Bruce Lee really has this information why not release it like the Ashley Madison hackers did? Or did he already get paid off? (That’s what one source is saying).

Now an interesting twist in the story is that Dave from The Luxury Companion is telling people he doesn’t own a gun and was never arrested. Mike South comes back with “Case Number 4540701”.  This incident took place on January 2, 2016 if you want to look it up.


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