Derek Hay prank calls another agent

While agents, studio owners, producers, directors and porn stars headed in droves to the Cal-Osha meeting today to fight for the good of the industry, do you know what Derek Hay from LA Direct Models was doing?

Making prank phone calls to another agent.

Yep, you heard me correctly.

And he wasn’t even smart enough to use *67 to block his number.

derek-prank call

Seriously how junior high do you have to be to try and prank call another agent? LOL

Displaying nonameDisplaying nonameI never understood the whole agent war thing. Why can’t they get along and work together? Other people in the industry get along just fine — we work well together, so why can’t agents?

They always seem to be fighting with each other and playing really petty games. Prank calls? I mean come on! So stupid. So mature.

If this was my agent I would be so embarrassed right now.


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