Angela White and Pure Taboo Join Forces to Unleash The Weight of Infidelity

Gamma Films’ Pure Taboo is set to release a powerful new scene from the beautiful mind of Angela White, The Weight of Infidelity, available TO STREAM FOR FREE April 20, 2018 exclusively at

White created and wrote Weight’s controversial plotline about society’s struggles with size and body image and brought it to director Bree Mills, who helped the star set the story in motion along with producing partner Craven Moorehead.

Angela White

Angela White and Pure Taboo Join Forces to Unleash The Weight of Infidelity

“I was so moved by Angela’s story – and the experience we had bringing it to life – that I feel everyone should be able to watch it,” said Mills of the decision to release her and White’s collaborative effort for free. “As a studio, we recognize the importance of supporting our performers – as actors and as individuals. We have never shied away from addressing serious subjects before. This is no exception.”

White stars alongside BBW glamour model Karla Lane and multi award-winning actor Tommy Pistol, who said that “there have only been a few movies in my career that I can honestly say have left an uncomfortable impact on me. Angela White grants me permission to be the worst, manipulative monster I’ve ever played.”

“Weight shaming, for the sake of artistic satisfaction, a beautiful human and friend isn’t anything I am looking forward to ever again.” Pistol added. “I respect the story Miss White wanted to tell and the road we took to get it done. This is a landmark scene in adult cinema and, of course, only Pure Taboo was able to tell it.”

For Lane, performing in her very first mainstream project and acting role was overwhelming. “When I was approached about doing this scene, I couldn’t believe a major company would touch on such a ‘taboo’ subject, and I was truly honored that Angela White had picked me for the role,” said Lane.

“Porn is changing… we are starting to embrace what makes us different more and more. I’m not a typical ‘porn star’, I’m a plus-size girl that’s comfortable in her own skin and I want to show the world that it’s OK to be sexy at any size.”

“I’m so grateful that Bree was willing to take a risk with my story and bring it to life. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast or crew to collaborate with,” said White of her on-set collaboration with Mills and the Pure Taboo crew. “Everyone was so passionate about the importance of the piece that we stayed on set well into the night to make it perfect.”

“We addressed some sensitive and controversial topics, and Karla and Tommy had the courage to delve into some dark places with me. Both men and women experience the pressure to live up to an idealized body image, and weight is arguably the heaviest burden for women. This piece examines the ways in which our cultural obsession with weight is less about appearance and more about power and control.”

While The Weight of Infidelity episode carries a serious and difficult message, Mills noted that everyone on set “had a long conversation beforehand about the subject matter and agreed on the importance of telling this story. Pure Taboo wants everyone to be able to watch this piece and discuss it – which is why we are offering it for free!”

“Body image issues and the impact they can have on a woman’s self-worth is something that touches even the most confident of us,” said Mills. “Angela’s story is a truly feminist piece and a triumphant example of empowerment and coming to terms with self-love, regardless of your size. On behalf of the incredible cast and crew, we hope this scene will spark conversation and continue our industry’s path towards change and acceptance.”

The full-length episode will be available to Pure Taboo subscribers as a bonus update and for non-subscribers, as a streaming-only FREE scene on the tour.

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